Benefits of Cannabis

Helps ease anxiety & depression

Has proven to help lower

eye pressure in patients with gluacoma

Many studies have been done that 

certain strains of Cannabis helps to stop seizures

Helps pain & inflammation 

linked to arthritis, back pain, etc.

Very beneficial to cancer patients since 

it helps increase appetite & reduces nausea

Along with many other health benefits

My journey

Hello my name is Alex Caudill

I am originally from Kentucky. I visited California in April of 2016. I fell in love during my visit and 

decided I wanted to move.  I started my venture to California in October of 2016. At this point in my 

life I had suffered much adversity. I have been type 1 Diabetic since July of 2006, which is a struggle 

in itself. When I was 12 my family and I were in a tragic car wreck as we were hit head on by a drunk 

driver. My six year old brother passed away. In April of 2016 a few weeks before I visited California for a

“get away”, my 15 year old brother was killed. I needed a change. I wanted a change of scenery & a new

path for myself with new opportunities. After alI that had happened I was very depressed, my anxiety had

taken over and my health was failing because I didn’t care enough to take care of my Diabetes. Of course

a doctors first reaction is to offer medication. Anxiety medicine, anti-depressents, pain pills, basically 

anything to cover up my feelings. I took medication for a few months & I hated how it made me feel. I didn’t

feel like me. I knew before going to California that Marijuana is legal. I read up about it. I looked at all the

benefits it has to offer and thought maybe it could help. A few weeks after I settled in I got my Medical

Marijuana card. I tried out some different forms of THC concentrates. Something that was unfamiliar to 

me. It was a much easier concept than rolling up a joint, smoking out of a pipe/bong & with much less smell. A few days went by & I started to see a change in my mood. My anxiety started to subside. I actually felt like going out and doing things. I was starting to become excited about life again. I was looking into jobs, up and coming markets and something I kept seeing was “CANNABIS!” I have always been sort of an 

entrepreneur and I became very interested. After seeing how much Cannabis has helped me & effected me 

in great ways I decided to start MY JOURNEY to become a Cannabis business owner.  

Our mission

Our companies mission is to help people on their own journey. Whether it be the person who gets up at 5 am to go to work everyday, the stay at home mom, the person who can't leave the house because their anxiety/depression has taken over or the person who just likes the smoke. I hope sharing my journey will help and inspire others. I also want to be able to share my quality products to help along the way and to share with others how much Cannabis has helped my life.